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If you want to locate a business’ soul, you’ll find it in its leader.  

In 1975, my father opened a small barbershop located in Park Ridge NJ,   It quickly became the hub of the town.   After school, I would walk to the shop, sweep the floors, and watch my father cut hair.  As I matured I realized  those early days were life lessons in dedication, reputation and forging relationships,  Sadly, in 1985 my father succumbed to cancer.  At the age of 18 I stepped into the role of Owner/Stylist of Mania Hair Studio. 

I have lead the Mania Hair Studio team for over half my life .  It is more than a business,  it is my heartbeat.      

-Phil Mania

Our Story
An Open Mind


Education is the foundation of Mania Hair Studio .  We are privy to a who’s who of leaders in the hair industry that foster our creativity and hone our skills.  We regularly attend workshops and classes.   In addition, our intern stylists must complete each module of the Mania Hair Studio Education Program before accepting clients.

Education doesn’t end with us!   We believe it’s just as important to educate you!  You should be able to replicate that style when you leave our chair.  We frequently host complimentary workshops to help you do just that.   Each workshop is comprised of  signature tips, techniques and professional expertise in a creative, hands-on environment

Always Give Back


Giving back is very important to us!  The studio participates in various events and local fundraisers on an ongoing basis.  We are also a proud supporter of the Locks of Love Program, a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children.

Meet the


  • Phoebe Scholl
    Phoebe Scholl Intern

    New on the scene, Phoebe has quickly learned the MHS drill . She will walk and talk you through your wash, condition, and styling processes, with the ease of an industry veteran. It is apparent she loves what she does and connecting with those around her.  Her gentle demeanor is sure to relax even after one of those days.  She has a passion for color and styling, spending hours on Instagram looking for the latest trends.   We look forward to seeing her grow with us.

  • Jessica Sinisi
    Jessica Sinisi Intern

    New to the intern team, PASSIONATE describes Jessica!  She’s all in, bringing  her A game every day!   She is determined to learn all that is hair, with a particular love of color.  She’s constantly recruiting her friends to practice her blow-dry techniques.  Her friendly, upbeat personality is welcoming to even the shyest first timer.  Jessica’s creativity doesn’t stop at hair.   We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that this girl has some serious makeup skills!   We look forward to seeing her grow with us.


  • Catherine Campanella
    Catherine Campanella Designer Stylist

    First, let’s get this out of the way. It’s her natural hair, no they’re not extensions, we hate her too.  Whew!  Catherine is quick to ensure your experience is nothing less than stellar at Mania Hair Studio.   She is a Bumble and bumble product guru-offering tips that will change your hair game.  Her blow-drys and styling  have become a necessary luxury to those in the know.  She has successfully completed the Mania Hair Studio Education Program. 

  • Jessica Krummenacker
    Jessica Krummenacker Designer Stylist

    They say some are just born with it and that has never been more apparent than with Jessica-  She’s  a natural.  We are crushing on her special event styles and blow-drying finishes.   You will find her shadowing the seasoned stylists every chance she gets to continue to grow.   Very poised and confident  in her cutting skills,  we look forward to her future. She has successfully completed the Mania Hair Studio Education Program.


  • Danielle Racanati
    Danielle Racanati Master Stylist

    A visit with Danielle is a treat.   She has  mastered the art of the round brush — with dazzling  blow-drys  that last for days. (Ask her to show you her collection of brushes) She is never at a loss for new and innovative things to do with you blondes, whether that’s a tweak of your color or a full on transformation.  Her careful attention to her balayage fans is something we hear over and over.  She has studied cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University as well as received her Keratin Complex certification.

  • Christa Puffer
    Christa Puffer Master Stylist

    There is no shade beyond her range.   Christa is up on every major hair color trend of the moment.  She is a favorite  among those in fashion’s inner circle.  She gets high marks for her gorgeous special event styling and braiding. She is a consummate professional that places a high value on hearing your wants , understanding your needs, and respecting your hair.  She has studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University. 


  • Janine Rejmaniak
    Janine Rejmaniak Master Stylist

    Seeing Janine doing  hair color is like watching a kid with a box of crayons…. Pure bliss.   Highlighting, balayage and color contouring are just a sampling  of her talent.   She is very thorough with  her consultations and really drills down until she is completely certain of your hair expectations.   No cookie cutter looks here, she offers imaginative cuts and styling.   She has studied creative cutting techniques with Celebrity stylist Michael O’Rourke.

  • Susan Boscarino
    Susan Boscarino Master Stylist

    Susan has a dedicated legion of followers that love her feel-good approach.   They know she is 100% all in, guaranteeing a personalized experience.  As a seasoned stylist,  She has a broad range of exceptional  talent in all cutting, coloring and styling.  Her highlighting technique guarantees that your hair comes out with dimension that looks au natural.  She is schooled in several premier color lines as well as studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University. 


  • Alex Cristea
    Alex Cristea Mentor Stylist

    Alex’s fans say the devil is in the details and we couldn’t agree more!  His haircuts are inordinately intricate creations that only  get more beautiful with each sway of the head. His talents continue in the world of color.  Never monochromatic, colors are alive with dimension.  Ethereal blondes and statement-making redheads are his forte.   His brilliant razor and scissor skills are drawn from his training at Vidal Sassoon Academy in London.  

  • Amanda Morello
    Amanda Morello Mentor Stylist

    Hair transformations are Amanda’s strong point.   She appreciates just how far reaching the impact of a new chop, or hue can be.  Her admirers rave about her meticulously detailed cuts.  They dish that they grow out like a dream and who doesn’t love that.  Her passion for color shows with the collection of lustrous locks leaving her chair.   Amanda has studied advanced cutting and styling  at Bumble at Bumble University and Arrojo in New York City. She has also furthered her color education at Wella World Studio.

  • Daniela Jackson
    Daniela Jackson Mentor Stylist

    Daniela’s chic sense of style is the driving force behind her droves of fans.  Her cutting and styling talent is enough to make the most seasoned socialite swoon.   Her balayage technique is so natural, it will have them wondering if you were born with it.  She is a top pick among the brides, known for her soft, romantic creations.  She has worked with a who’s who of designers on the fashion scene.  She has  studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University.

  • Dorothy Bryjak
    Dorothy Bryjak Mentor Stylist

    There are many reasons why her devotees are obsessed with Dorothy.  It may just be her impeccable cutting skills or hair color that prompts compliments from complete strangers.  She will talk you through your appointment, explaining the why of what she is doing and how it may bring out your best features. She is quick to demonstrate various styling options for your new do and will always take the time to suggest the perfect products.   She has studied advanced cutting and styling at Arrojo and Bumble and Bumble University.

  • Jaclyn Coladonato
    Jaclyn Coladonato Mentor Stylist & Educator & Makeup Artist

     As an accomplished ballet dancer, Jaclyn  understands the beautiful melding of form, function and creativity. Although she is exceptional in all aspects of hair, it is in event styling where she is a star.  It is with awe to watch her hair visions come to life.  With her scope of talent, it is no surprise that she is our Special Event Styling Educator. Her imaginative editorial work has been featured on various media platforms. She has studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University.   

  • Judy Surace
    Judy Surace Mentor Stylist & Makeup Artist

    You will find Judy on her downtime, scouring Instagram for hair inspiration.   This commitment to her craft shows in exceptional cutting and balayage talent.  Always on trend, she will chat about what’s up and coming on the hair horizon.  As a Hair Extension Specialist, she is known for her naturalthey’ll never know placement.   She has studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University.   She is multi-talented offering makeup artistry and has studied under Hrush Acheyman.


  • Marta Nowicki
    Marta Nowicki Artist Stylist

    Creating great hair is an art and Marta is truly the artist.  Once in her chair, she will get a full understanding of  your needs and life style before even picking up a scissor.  An icon with color enthusiasts, she always mixes up the perfect hue.  Details are her strong point and clients cherish it.   Her list of talent continues  with  gorgeous special event styles. She is a certified in Keratin Smoothing treatments .  Marta has studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble in NYC.   

  • Shereen Abbasi
    Shereen Abbasi Artist Stylist & Makeup Artist

    Shereen has earned her chops as a razor cutting specialist.  Put a razor in her hand and it’s pure magic. Just ask her flock of dedicated followers.  Her genius continues in the color arena, encompassing everything from high-fashion brights to natural balayage.  She has studied modern vintage styling trends with the renowned Mustafa Avci as well as advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University.    She is multi talented, offering  makeup artistry as well.    She studied the art of face contouring with Celebrity Makeup artist Hrush Acheyman.

  • Angela Altemus
    Angela Altemus Artist Stylist & Makeup Artist

    A walking Power of Positivity quote.  This captures Angela.   You decided on a whim to box color your tresses ink black or cut your bangs with kid’s scissors.  NOTHING is ever a problem   She is well read in everything that is color but she gets top billing for her stunning balayage technique.  Her creative special event styling draws from her training under the renowned Mustafa Avci.   She has also studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University.  

  • Jessica Ippolito
    Jessica Ippolito Artist Stylist

    We know it’s not easy to take the leap for a big chop or color change.  This is where Jessica shines.  Trust her!   Her innate ability to know exactly what you need is truly her strong point. She has a great eye for color knowing how to bring your best features to the forefront.   She is knowledgable in many premier color lines and studied advanced cutting and styling  techniques at Bumble and bumble University.

  • Rachel Deblasio
    Rachel Deblasio Artist Stylist

    Rachel just knows how to make it happpen!   Bursting with creativity, she is always on point with her color, cutting, and styling suggestions.   She is acutely aware that your world is ever changing  thus does a thorough consultation at every appointment.   You just added some swimming to that workout.  She’ll talk you through the best products to keep your color fresh. These are the details that her admirers love.  She has studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University.

premier artists

  • Angelica Antonuccio
    Angelica Antonuccio Premier Artist Stylist & Educator

    Angelica is a 3x award winner of (201) Magazine’s Best Of Bergen  -2014 Men’s Stylist, -2015 Woman’s Hairstylist-2016 Woman’s Hairstylist.  Immensely talented, super passionate and deep belly-laugh humor are pretty much spot on in describing  Angelica.  She has a broad range of specialties from cutting to coloring  and everything in between.   She has a natural skill and her supreme attention to detail never fails to create whatever your hair desires.   She has studied advanced cutting and stying at Bumble and Bumble University.

  • Jackie Timpone
    Jackie Timpone Premier Artist Stylist & Director Of Education

     Jackie may just be your hair-styling soulmate. Her wooers will tell you she has so many attributes, they would not even know where to begin.  From the minute you sit in her chair to the last snip, you feel her professionalism.  She sets the talent bar high due to her precision cutting, signature coloring, and inspirational styling.  As our Director of Education, she is responsible for  upholding our standards of excellence. Jackie has certifications in many premier color lines, hair extensions, as well as studied at Bumble and Bumble University.

  • Vanessa Incorvaia
    Vanessa Incorvaia Premier Artist Stylist

    Vanessa is a 2x winner of  (201) Magazine Best of Bergen: Best Colorist -2015,   Best Stylist -2014.  She is a balayage specialist.  She has a wizardly talent for placement and color choices to suit your skin tones and illuminate your features.  She is known  for curating editorial work that is profoundly creative.   A favorite among the wedding crowd, she offers discerning bridal style. Vanessa has studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble + Bumble University.  


  • Agatha Kranidiotis
    Agatha Kranidiotis Specialist & Makeup Artist

    The first of our Specialist dream team,  Agatha specializes in keeping you on beauty trend literally from head to toe.  Brow shaping/tinting, waxing, manicuring and pedicuring top a list of talent.   As if that doesn’t impress, she is also a master with a makeup brush.   She really hears you and then creates the most knock out look you’ve ever had.

  • Meaghan Smeen
    Meaghan Smeen Makeup Artist & Coordinator

     Meaghan is a 2x Best Makeup Artist winner of 201 Magazines Best of Bergen. Meaghan can be found chair- side  creating a masterpiece with makeup. She has taken master classes with celebrity makeup artists such as Jon Hennessey and  Billy B.  She offers various makeup styles including bridal, airbrush and editorial .  She is a graduate from Make-Up Designory, NYC for beauty and special effects makeup. 




  • Yvette Humphrey
    Yvette Humphrey Studio Coordinator

     A veteran at  Mania Hair Studio, Yvette’s friendly  personality sets the tempo of your visit.  Her warmth and genuine dedication to finding convenient solutions to your beauty woes makes her a standout.   Her knowledge of our services and products is unparalleled.  So when this girl  makes a recommendation, run with it! 


  • Erin Del Moro
    Erin Del Moro Special Events Coordinator

    Erin is responsible for arranging the details of your special event, both in studio and off premises, from fundraisers to weddings.  Her philosophy could come straight from the pages of  the Boyscout  handbook,   Always be prepared!   Her meticulous attention to detail has become quite legendary in social circles. This coupled with her hands on approach ensure every detail of your event is extraordinary!



  • Mirian Infante
    Mirian Infante Concierge

    Our best kept secret!   Mirian is all that is Mania Hair Studio. She is responsible for all the niceties and attention to detail that our clients rave about!   Inventory control, concierge and so very many more things, we could never possibly list them all!  At least once a day you will hear from one of us, “Where’s Mirian, she’ll know.”

team leaders

  • Jennifer Vieitez
    Jennifer Vieitez Client Service Leader

    As a Client Service Leader, Jen is the calm we all all yearn for in our cray, cray lives.  As a multi- tasking superhero, she never waivers from her collected approach to client care.  Phone ringing, coffee bar needs attending and a slew of appointments must be set up for one of our favorite snowbirds.  With a whoosh of her cape and a smile, it’s done!  She  always has your back and it’s truly her pleasure doing so!



  • Shanely Yerk
    Shanely Yerk Client Service Leader

    As a Client Service Leader, Shanely gets high marks for her distinctly personalized approach to client care. Whether it’s to get you in for that forgotten to schedule my color and it’s my niece’s wedding … tomorrow or something as simple as knowing how you take your coffee.   Quick with a smile and her southern charm (South Jersey), she strives to make you feel good.   And who doesn’t need that in their life?


  • Corey Mania
    Corey Mania Director Of Branding

    She’s his Lucy. Fun, lively and adventurous, Corey is the second half of the Mania duo.  As the Director of Branding, she is responsible for painting the picture of Mania Hair Studio.  She and her team are behind the amenities, events, and  limitless details that keep us unique.  Above all else,  She is intensely committed on keeping a pulse on all of your wants and wishes.

  • Jessica Major
    Jessica Major Director of Human Resources

    “There is no one size fits all approach to your career path!” Jessica works with each team member to create and coach them along a career path based on their personal strengths and interests.   And to ensure that each individual has the support to excel in their journey as well as achieve a family/work life balance.

  • Phil Mania
    Phil Mania Owner & Premier Artist Stylist

    Stylist- Leader -Teacher.  Phil has taken his vision of Mania Hair Studio and made it a reality.  A master with the scissors he shares the same disciplined approach to cutting as many of the industry legends.   At any time you will find him coaching an intern demonstrating just how to perfect that hairline or chatting with a client about what’s new and now in our world.    Words he lives by: “The most important thing in your life is you reputation, take good care of it. ”    


Make Lasting Relationships


Mania Hair Studio has established its foundation based on education, innovation, and serving our community.  Our team is passionate about developing relationships that are built on trust and care.  We are the ambassadors of our industry.

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