White-Blonde: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A Candid Conversation with Stylist Vanessa Incorvaia.

The gorgeous results. Hair by Vanessa Incorvaia for Mania Hair Studio

Selena Gomez, Kim K (again) and a slew of A -listers are jumping on the white -blonde trend .  We can all pretty much agree, it is a head turner and very tempting,  but then there’s the reality.   

We sat down with one of Mania Hair Studio’s top stylists, Vanessa Incorvaia to have a candid conversation about what it really takes to do this.

MHS:  Vanessa, you are a straight shooter, so we are looking for the good, the bad, and the plain ugly for going white -blonde. 

Vanessa:  Ok lets start with the good.  There is nothing more beautiful than a well done icy blonde.  It just makes everything glow.  I’m a big fan. 

MHS: We love it too!  Though we’re feeling a huge reality check coming  from you.

Vanessa : Yes, with the good is the bad.  This transformation comes with a serious commitment.   If you have followed the rules and your hair is not heat damaged or over processed, congratulations you have successfully completed step one.  If no, I will put in place a plan to correct the damage.   This may be done through a haircut and/or treatments to moisturize and add protein.  It may take a few weeks to a few months to get hair into optimal condition before I proceed.  It is the most important step and there are no exceptions. 

Next I discuss the target color blonde. Skin tone is taken into account to find out which blonde looks best. In general, fairer and olive skin tones look best with platinum hair.  Be prepared as your target color may need several visits to achieve.  Yes, I said several visits.  Time is a huge factor!  This may take hours or days depending on the existing hair color.

MHS: Explain the process itself.

Vanessa: This is no way as simple as applying a single process color and you are out the door in a couple of hours.    A Wella lightener is brushed onto the hair and it processes.  I use a special bond strengthener called Olaplex to prevent hair breakage.  I closely monitor the lightening, which occurs in stages.  Once the hair has lightened to the target color, it is then rinsed, and again the Olaplex treatment is applied. The treatment is rinsed, hair is shampooed and conditioned.  The hair is then styled as desired.  Next I  send you home with an arsenal of Bumble and bumble products, instructions and follow-up appointments to maintain your hair.

Patiently waiting for the process to begin.

MHS: We also asked for the ugly, so shoot.

Vanessa: The ugly is failing to commit.  You went through the process, you became a blonde and then you just didn’t follow through on keeping it up.   Now you have these 3 inch roots and broken ends and it looks just awful.  And I mean a real mess.

MHS: Anything else we need to get out there? 

Vanessa: Absolutely do not try this at home!  I’ve seen the do it yourself tutorials circulating on social media.  A lot can go wrong!   You need the expert skills of a seasoned colorist. Period.

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