Dear Hair,

You’ve had it up to here with me. I get it. I can hardly blame you. With the flat-ironing, curling, teasing, tousling, tugging, dyeing and frying; it’s a wonder you even stay attached to my head. Yes, you pull off the chicest styles, but appearances can be deceiving – because underneath lies epic damage.

I’ve been careless, and I hurt you. My bad. Please accept my sincerest apologies – and some instant hair-healing, c/o  Bumble and Bumble’s  Save The Day + While You Sleep.

Blended with antioxidant-packed Camellia Oil and UV filters, these nourishing gems offer 24-hours of damaged hair repair, leaving wrecked tresses petal-soft and lustrous.

Stop by Mania Hair Studio to learn more and get a free sample.


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