Hair by Judy Surace. 

Most likely whenever you get bored with your style or look, the first thing you want to do is change your hair. But if you’re like the rest of us the thought of committing to bangs or adding in bold highlights can be a bit scary.   If only there was a way to be a style chameleon without the scary.  We’re here to tell you, there is an easy fix! – with hair extensions!

Don’t stop reading!  Extensions aren’t scary.  We promise!   We chatted with Judy Surace, one of Mania Hair Studio’s Extension Specialists to walk you through the process.

The Consultation

“When someone comes in for the first time, I like to ask them about their hair goals- extensions can add length, fullness, bangs, color, dimension or all of the above! ” Judy also assesses the hair health. ” It’s important to have hair in optimal condition.”   If it’s not, Judy will send you home with a written action plan to get you there.

For everyday wear, Judy uses tape-in extensions with smart tabs.  The smart tabs are a relatively new method.  There is no heat required, they last six to eight weeks and you can reuse them up to three times.  She likes the ease of care  and the natural-looking results.

After deciding on hair goals, Judy will determine color and amount of hair needed.   Within a day or two you will be emailed a personalized quote regarding pricing.   If you are wondering about the cost, it all depends on the length and amount of hair needed.

The Appointment

On the day of your appointment, Judy will walk you through the entire process from application to home care.  Extensions are brushed, laid out, then applied strategically around the head.  And this is where it’s important to see an extension specialist.  It takes a keen eye to create a customized pattern for each client.  Next is the cutting of the extensions.   This is the final step in making it all come together.    “I will constantly move and flip the hair to see how it falls.” “It’s all in the blending that makes it look natural. ”  After she is finished, Judy will answer your questions and go over your home care.  Don’t worry if you forget, you’ll also get your instructions emailed.

Home Care

To ensure extensions last, there are some rules to follow.  Tape-in extensions are particularly fragile when wet, so be sure to blow dry roots before detangling with a brush.  Avoid applying any product to the roots of the hair but rather apply from mid shaft to ends. Products containing alcohol, oil or ethanol are a no- nos.  And rinse longer than usual and preferably in sections, to ensure there is no product left in the hair or on the scalp.


Just like any hair service, extensions require maintenance to look their best.  An appointment is needed, every six to eight weeks to remove and reapply them.


So like we promised, hair extensions aren’t scary at all.  They’re the no commitment go-to for all you style chameleons!

Judy is a Mentor Stylist at Mania Hair Studio.   You will find her on downtime, scouring Instagram for hair inspiration. This commitment to her craft shows in exceptional cutting and balayage talent. Always on trend, she will chat about what’s up and coming on the hair horizon. As a Hair Extension Specialist, she is known for her natural, they’ll never know placement. She has studied advanced cutting and styling at Bumble and Bumble University. She is multi-talented offering makeup artistry and has studied under Hrush Acheyman.  Check out her work on Instagram.

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