Stylist Jaclyn Coladonato is no stranger to working out. She is known to wake at the crack of dawn to catch a spin with her favorite instructor at Soul Cycle  in Greenwich, Connecticut!   Impressive, right?  So it’s not surprising why we went straight to Jaclyn for her work-out hair tips.

Jaclyn’s approach to hair is akin to her approach to working out. “We have pre-workout drinks to prep our bodies, enhance performance and to keep our bodies in best health, but are we doing the same for our hair?”  “Typically the answer is no, but truthfully good gym hair during and after a workout requires a few minutes of preparation.”


Start by adding a dry shampoo BEFORE you work out to avoid sweat saturation while you work out while also keeping it smelling fresh.  Can’t take the grit of a typical dry shampoo?  Try Bumble+Bumble’s Tres Invisible Nourishing Dry Shampoo.  This unique conditioning dry shampoo hydrates and moisturizes your hair while absorbing moisture.


Feeling frizzy while working your fitness?  Believe it or not, OVER WASHING could be the #1 reason your work-out hair looks over-worked.  Shampooing strips our hair of its natural oils causing hair to look dry, frizzy and brittle.  If you crave that fresh and clean feeling after every work-out, try alternating with a cleansing conditioner.  These hydrating, no lather, creme cleansers will allow you to give your hair the reset it needs, removing product and environmental debris while leaving behind only your hair’s natural oils.  I like Bumble+Bumble’s HIO Cleansing Oil Cream Duo.  This co-wash has dual chamber packaging releasing both a low-foam cleanser and moisturizing cream simultaneously that work together to cleanse and soften dry hair.  It’s like a water break, but for your hair.


Dress your hair appropriately!  You wouldn’t wear jeans to the gym so it’s important to remember your hair should be treated the same.  Avoid wearing too tight ponytails. and elastics that tangle or pull.  This could cause breakage and basic discomfort.  Stick to loose high buns and side braids and secure them with more gentler, snag-free elastics to keep hair comfortable, but still secure.  Try Scunci’s No Slip Grip Elastics.  Dress for success by brushing with only the best.  Dry and wet hair should be dressed with gentle brush bristles to avoid breakage.  Try Harry Josh Pro Tools Premium Oval Brush, this nylon/natural boar bristle blend brush detangles the hair while leaving hair smooth, shiny and manageable.


Just like your body needs a rest day, so does your hair.  Give your hair a spa day while you sleep by rejuvenating your locks with Bumble+Bumble’s While You Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque.   Applied to dry hair while in its most porous state, this overnight deep conditioning masque will help reverse the appearance of dry, damaged, tired hair.  This lightweight formula doesn’t only rejuvenate the hair strand, it provides UV filters to helps prevent future damage.  If only we could work-out while we sleep, too!


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